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The newsletter/blog is a sometimes weekly mailing of IAUA End Time Ministry to those Bible students who are "Preparing for the End of Time". An archive of the newsletters is maintained as a ministry Blog. Newsletters are occasionally revised for style, grammar, misspellings, and errors. Updates are sometimes made with additional and corrected information.

These newsletters assume that you are a deep student of the Bible and are already familiar with the presentations of this web site. You may find the newsletters confusing if you do not already understand the ideas described on this web site.

A dialog is encouraged with newsletter readers and responses are sometimes quoted. I do not necessarily agree with all the viewpoints of reader responses in these newsletters. I feel it is best to quote them verbatim. Personal discussion and comments are usually removed. Content is sometimes edited for focus and length. I do not attempt to contradict every point with which I disagree.

My thoughts and viewpoints are also subject to changes as my studies continue. I am not afraid to acknowledge when I am wrong.

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