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Dear Brothers and Sisters in IAUA (ee-ah-oo-ah) our Father,

Greetings on this day of preparation for the weekly Sabbath. I pray this newsletter finds you in good health and happy in the service of IAUA. This is the 18th day of the 5th month of the Biblical Calendar in the estimated year 6021 Anno Mundi.

The Fall Sabbaths begin in 6 weeks with Trumpets Sabbath on the 1st day of the 7th month (Friday, September 22nd of the 2017, Gregorian Calendar, at sunset Thursday, September 21st).

On God's Calendar the Biblical month begins on the global day after lunar conjunction. The Biblical year begins with God's New Year's Day (Passover) after the spring equinox (Spring Passover Rule). The Millerite Calendar (Spring New Moon Rule) is the same this year. The Calculated Rabbinical Calendar is a day early.

Because of the approach of Trumpets Sabbath next month, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you one of my meditations related to this upcoming yearly Sabbath. My best meditation time is at night when it is dark and quiet with very little to disrupt my thoughts.

In my meditations I practice a method I call "guided" associations. This is different from "free" association because I do not usually allow my thoughts to go just anywhere. The way I write the newsletters or blogs is to start with a central idea and write about that idea and its associations.

One of the ways the brain works is by a process called associative memory. Memories are stored in association with each other. These associations can be very tenuous and non-obvious. Thinking of one thing will trigger associated memories. Free association allows the thoughts to follow any trail of thinking, which can lead almost anywhere.

I believe there are patterns behind these associations. I find the concept of patterns to be very important in my Bible studies. There is much I could say about patterns. I have mentioned some thoughts in previous newsletters such as 2012-10-19 Deep Truth, 2013-08-23 Evangelism, 2014-09-05 Excuses, and many others.

One of the methods I use to guide my thoughts is to recite scriptures to myself in my mind. I have a repertoire (set) of a dozen or so memorized Bible passages that I recite to myself almost every night. While reciting, I review the many ideas I have learned over the years that are associated with the passage. I allow limited free association of my memories to guide my meditations on these verses. I suspect that the Holy Spirit can be a powerful force in guiding our thoughts when we ponder the Word. I suspect Satan also attempts to influence our thoughts, possibly by subliminal suggestion of whispering things in our ears.

The snippet of a passage that is the subject of this newsletter is from Psalms 23:5 "You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies." There are many thoughts I could share about this snippet but I am going to share what I see as a prophecy in this snippet.

There are a very large number of thoughts, ideas, and Biblical hints leading to the thoughts I will share with you. I could not possibly remember all of the patterns and associations in a reasonable time to share them with you. Writing them all out in detail would probably take years to write a book. I will share a few.

One example of the table is part of a Trumpets Sabbath fulfillment, which all humanity that has ever lived will experience at the end of the seventh millennium. There is so much background of Biblical patterns and associations behind this thought that I feel frustrated to be sharing only a part of it.

Trumpets Sabbath is the only yearly Sabbath that occurs on the first day of the Biblical month. I suspect the first day of the Biblical month is when the righteous will gather to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life.

There will be a gathering in heaven every new moon:

Isaiah 66:22-23
22 As the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, will last forever, says IAUA, so will your children and your name last forever.
23 It will happen every new moon and every Sabbath that all mankind will come to worship before me, says IAUA.

There will fruit from the Tree of Life every month:

Revelation 22:2 The river flowed down the middle of the street. On both sides of the river there was the tree of life, which bears twelve types of fruits every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

The conclusion then is that part of the monthly gathering is for the eating of the fruit of the Tree of Life. On Trumpets Sabbath, the first of the month after the holy city returns to earth, the righteous will be seated to eat inside the city in the presence of the wicked outside the city. In ten days the wicked will be burned on the Day of Atonement. The lake of fire will burn out before Tabernacles Sabbath. After Tabernacles Sabbath the earth will be recreated in seven days and finished on Last Day Sabbath.

Ellen made a fascinating related statement about the table from an early vision of heaven. This vision was so inspiring that it was repeated in many books and pamphlets.

"... I saw a table of pure silver, it was many miles in length, yet our eyes could extend over it. And I saw the fruit of the tree of life, the manna, almonds, figs, pomegranates, grapes, and many other kinds of fruit. We all reclined at the table. ..." {DS, January 24, 1846 par. 1} {2SG 54.1} {WLF 17.2} {Broadside1, April 6, 1846 par. 6} {LS80 217.2} {EW 19.1} {LS88 217.2} {ExV 15.1} {RH, July 21, 1851 par. 7}

In my meditations I visualize in my mind our feast in the city and the wicked outside on planet earth, which has been destroyed by sin. I feel greatly comforted and inspired to know that God will make everything right. All our pains and sorrows will be set right. His justice for all will destroy those who hate and kill others while refusing to follow His guidance. This justice will provide eternal love and peace for all those who follow His guidance.

Do you meditate deeply on Biblical Truth to see God's patterns? Have you even read and studied enough of the Bible to be able to do so?

I pray we may all continue to seek love, peace, and unity in truth preparing for the soon coming of IAUShUO (ee-ah-oo-shoo-oh) Messiah, the Son of God.

Frank T. Clark

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