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Dear Brothers and Sisters in IAUA (ee-ah-oo-ah) our Father,

Greetings on this day of preparation for the weekly Sabbath. I pray this newsletter finds you in good health and happy in the service of IAUA. This is day 21 of month 8 of the Biblical Calendar in the estimated year 6021 Anno Mundi.

The Spring Sabbaths begin in 19 weeks and three days with Unleavened Bread Sabbath, day 15 of month 1 (Monday, April 2 of the 2018, Gregorian Calendar, at sunset Sunday, April 1).

On God's Calendar the Biblical month begins on the global day after lunar conjunction. The Biblical year begins with God's New Year's Day (Passover) after the spring equinox (Spring Passover Rule). The Millerite Calendar (Spring New Moon Rule) is a month later this year. The Calculated Rabbinical Calendar is two days early in spring and one day early in fall.

I received an encouraging email from a new website visitor. There are people out there interested in truth.


He wrote:

Chesed v'Shalom, Frank!

(Out of a general lifestyle of frustration) Last week I googled "IAUA" to see how our Father might speak.

To my surprise, I was lead to www.iaua.name.

In short, I like what I see.

Where do you assemble for the typical weekly Shabbath?

Do you and your wife and children assemble together?

Although I appreciate the apparent knowledge you have about The Word of YAH, at this time, I am not as interested in seeking End Times knowledge as much as I am interested in leading the extremely few that MIGHT be willing to take our Father serious to actually follow through to:

1.Meditate on Torah (every) day and night; Yahoshua 1:8 / Tehillah 1:2.

2.Search the (entirety of) Scripture daily - not JUST Torah, but, ALSO Torah; Ma'asei 17:11 / 2 Timotiyos 3:16.

3.Go into all nations; MattithYahu 28:19-20.

4.Be ready to give an answer; 1 Kepha 3:15.

Because I appreciate the apparent knowledge you have, and the fact that, on your website, you have stated, "I am also eager to discuss any questions you may have about what the Bible says", I ask if you would be willing to provide answers / opinions for a project that has been birthed by the provocation of a brother who was, at the time, genuinely concerned about the fact that I have lead my family away from the contemporary Christian church and into the alleged bondage of following what our Father refers to, when He says, in Wayyiqra 23, "These Are My Feasts".

A (serious) side note - We have an epidemic, at least in this locality, of GREAT division. In most cases, we have more Shabbath assemblies, within a thirty-mile radius, than we do have people gathering at any one particular assembly. I mention this because, forsaking detail, I'm dealing with many people who have an evident greater interest in arguing over knowledge or The Name, on one extreme, or exercising the opposite extreme of acting and speaking in a manner of foolishness and inappropriate behaviour (which I have to explain to my young son) while encouraging me to "stop being to serious" and "don't be so hard on yourself!' Please forgive my frustration - I do NOT hear IAUA telling ANYbody, "don't be so serious!" On the other hand, I AM aware of my own (MANY sins, to include) excessive manifestations of emotion. (Does it HAVE to be simply expressed as "anger"?)

I've had a few who agree with my diagnosis (of local Hebrew Roots conditions and unrelated behaviours) as well as prognosis, but, they themselves are not willing to act or stand. I've even had one confess, agree and apologize via lengthy email, but, since then, he did a 180 and went into hiding; I perceive great warfare. It's been said, in public, that John (me) is the only man (in this locality) that observes The Feasts.

With no exaggeration, from "day one" of my wife and I entering the "Hebrew Roots" arena (I prefer "Shabbath Keepers") and our first Shabbath service, since 2008, there has been continual strife, contention, division... There were and still are, elder men who sit on the sidelines being submissive to their "wife of one husband" - This is NOT what Sha'ul instructed to Timotiyos!

In 2012?, in the presence of my own (near-spotless) bride /wife, I've been encouraged, by two other local wives, to both, host the upcoming Pesach as well as start hosting a continual, weekly Shabbath, KNOWing there is currently a Shabbath service occurring only one block away from our own residence!

I am NOT an accomplished, experienced, qualified individual. BUT... in a lame-ram environment, WHAT else am I to do? According to yesterday's parashah, in B'Reishith 26:3, IAUA instructs me to "Sojourn in this land. And I shall be with you and barak you..." I am trying to take Him at His Word.

As you may observe, I get long-winded... attribute or detriment? I appreciate that, referring to yourself, you say, "I am a strong believer in simple, minimalist web design." I do admire that, and I realize that that is typically a more effective means of communication. Evident perception of you being a man of credible wisdom, I request you visit TheseAreMyFeasts.com and exhort, admonish and edify in a manner pleasing and acceptable to IAUA.

Frank, the main reason I am contacting you today is primarily to inquire of whether you would be available, at this time, through email, to discuss a few Biblical topics I need to provide answers for, defending opposing statements for those who challenge the direction I pursue when Avinu (our Father) says, "These Are My Feasts".

Secondarily, as previously stated, through evident perception of you being a man of credible wisdom, perhaps, in the future, you might serve as an elder, to exhort, admonish and edify a potential emissary or shepherd of The Almighty IAUA for His service.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Chesed v'Shalom... Hallelu Yah... XXXX


I responded:


I am pleased to hear from you. My family attends the local Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church for the weekly Sabbath. SDA are quite close to all truth but unfortunately still follow Catholic tradition and believe the yearly Sabbaths are "nailed to the cross" or whatever other excuse they adopt. I endure hearing the occasional confusion and error about truth for the purpose of following the guidance of "holy gathering". Error has always existed to some extent, even among those who work the hardest to follow the guidance we are given.

I recognize and sympathize with your concerns about the error and division that is increasing greatly in all churches and people. The Holy Spirit is putting great pressure in confronting the human mind to prepare them for the soon coming of the end. Of course Satan pushes back with increasing force because he knows his time is short.

I am happy to discuss Biblical Truth with anyone who wishes to seek a close walk with God. I am often confronted by those who want to discuss Truth but are bound by one tradition or another and will not step out on their own to dig deep into the Word and then follow what they can to their best understanding. I am shamelessly stubborn when it comes to seeking Truth from the Bible and other credible witnesses no matter where it leads. My wife is patiently following and struggling to understand but she recognizes the Truth. My children are grown and follow their own choices.

I am not interested in blindly following others or in creating my own following. I am interested in a meeting of minds. There are so few... There will be more!

Be at peace,

Frank T. Clark - When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth... He will show you things to come. John 16:13 (FTCABE)


When I describe myself as stubborn, I am not describing a personality trait, which some might consider a flaw. I am describing a Biblical principle. Have you read and studied Isaiah and Ezekiel? The chapters that contain these passages as well as the entire books are fascinating reading.

Isaiah 50:7 Because the Lord IAUA helps me, I have not been ashamed. Because of this I have set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.

Ezekiel 3:8-10 Listen! I have made your face strong against their faces and your forehead strong against their foreheads. I have made your forehead as an adamant harder than flint. Do not be bowed down by their faces, though they are a rebellious house. He said to me, Son of man, receive all My Words which I shall speak to you in your heart, and hear with your ears.

Many of those who claim to follow God are rebellious and hardened against following all of His guidance (law).

Zechariah 7:12 Yes, they made their hearts as an adamant stone against hearing the law and the words which Commander IAUA has sent in his spirit by the former prophets. Therefore a great wrath comes from Commander IAUA.

Are you stubborn enough to seek truth and follow it no matter what?

I pray we may all continue to seek love, peace, and unity in truth preparing for the soon coming of IAUShUO (ee-ah-oo-shoo-oh) Messiah, the Son of God.

Frank T. Clark

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