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Preparing for the End of Time

IAUA End Time Ministry

The Lord is Coming!   Are you ready?

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Book Contents

     Fourth Angel's Message
     Foundation Cornerstones
     Stages of Growth
         Stage One - Babes
         Stage Two - Children
         Stage Three - Youth
         Stage Four - Adult

The Time of the End
     The 2300 Year Prophecy
     The Messianic Enlightenment
     The 1260 Year Prophecy
     The Dark Ages of Apostasy
     The Reformation
     The Beast Wounded and Healing

The Three Angels' Message
     The Great Tree of Apostasy

The End of Time
     Tribulation and Judgment

Preparation for the End of Time

The Mark of the Beast
     State of the Dead - Immortality
     Second Commandment - Idol Worship
     Fourth Commandment Sabbath - Sunday
     Passover - Easter
     God's Holy Days - Catholic Holy Days

The Third Elijah Message
     The First Elijah
     The Second Elijah
     The Third Elijah
     Who Is The Third Elijah?

The Fourth Angel's Message
     Fall of Babylon
     Revival and Reformation

New Bible Light
     Incremental Revelation
     Third Elijah Message
     Fourth Angel's Message
     Final Statement (Additional Online Material)

The Sacred Statutes
     Fulfilled Statutes
     Summary of Statutes
     Great Commandment
     Love God
         First Commandment
         Second Commandment
         Third Commandment
         Fourth Commandment
     Love Others
         Fifth Commandment
         Sixth Commandment
         Seventh Commandment
         Eighth Commandment
         Ninth Commandment
         Tenth Commandment
     Church Unity
     The Jewish Mitzvot (Additional Online Material)

The Sacred Calendar
     The Jewish Calendar
     Biblical Principles and Witnesses
     Reference Point
     The Sacred Day
     The Sacred Week
     The Sacred Month
     The Sacred Year
     Yearly Sabbaths

The Sacred Holy Name of God
     Old Testament Hebrew Use
     Hebrew Pronunciation
     Modern English Use
     New Testament Greek Use
     The Name of the Messiah
     The Titles of God
     Public usage
     Summary (Additional Online Material)

The New Earth
     The Garden of Eden
     Eden Restored
     Our Physical Body in Heaven

Good Health
     Laws of Health
     Healthy Diet
     Nutritious Green Breakfast Shake
     Nutritional Supplements

Tzitzit, Tefillin, and the Talmud
     Personal Practice
     Practice Opposition
     Appearance Issues
     Beards, Shaving, Tattoos, and Piercings
     Adornment and Display
     Jewish Tradition


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