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High Scores

It is valuable to memorize the order of the books of the Bible. This makes it easier and faster to look up Bible texts. The books of the Bible are listed alphabetically. Click on the books in the correct order.

If you make a mistake, you get one chance for a second guess.

If you get all the books in the correct order, the bonus round begins.

The bonus round will randomly pick a book. Click on the book that follows it. You will have only six seconds to click the correct answer. After each answer you will have slightly less time. How fast can you remember and select the next book?

The score begins at 1000 and counts down every second. If you make an error the score loses -1000 points. When the bonus round begins, the score stops counting down. During the bonus round you receive 1000 points for every book you guess.

Revised 2010-12-03