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Please wait a moment for initialization.

This will be the encrypted lines of the verse.
This will be the decrypted lines of the verse.

Overall: The order of frequency of letter use.
Encrypt: The order of the verse frequency of letter use.
Decrypt: The decryption letters you specify.

Name: Score 0

High Scores

The verse is solved by first clicking on the button which is the letter you want to change, then clicking on the button which is the letter to which you want to change it. If you make a mistake, then change the letter to a space. Space is the blank button.

A positive score means you made no errors. The score starts at 1000 and counts down every second. A negative score means you made errors. The clock then counts up the seconds. Each error is a negative 1000 points. Asking for a hint is 100000 negative points.

The text of a Bible verse from Proverbs is encrypted on the first of each of the double lines. The second line shows the verse decrypted according to the letters you specify.

The "Overall:" line shows the letters of the alphabet in the order of how often they occur in all the verses.

The "Encrypt:" line shows the letters of the alphabet in the order of how often they occur in the encrypted verse.

The "Decrypt:" line shows the letters you have specified to use for decryption.

If the frequency of the letters in the encrypted verse were the same as all verses, then the "Decrypt:" line would match the "Overall:" line. This is not usually the case but it is a good guide.

The King James Version is used. All verses with uncommon names of people and places have been removed.

This type of puzzle is solved by studying and understanding letter patterns. A high degree of familiarity with the King James Version of scriptures also helps.

These are some helpful clues:

  • A four letter word that begins and ends with the same letter is likely to be "that".
  • Examine three letter words. A very common three letter word is "the". It contains the three most frequently occurring letters.
  • Single letter words have to be "a" or "I" or rarely "O".
  • Double letters are a potential source of recognizable letters.

Revised 2005-03-25