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The newsletter/blog is a sometimes weekly mailing from "IAUA End Time Ministry". I send the newsletter to people like you who have shown an interest in hearing from me. If you would like to be added to the list, send an email to "". Do the same if you wish to be removed from the list. I automatically remove individuals from my list when they show a quarrelsome spirit, attempt to convert me to some heretical view, or communicate a committed belief to some heretical view. I have no problem with reasonable disagreement and discussion but there are some things I will not tolerate.

I maintain an archive of the newsletters as an online Blog at the website. The blog is also posted on Facebook and Google+.

I do not use an automated mailing list. I have a list of personal contacts of people who I send a regular newsletter. I personally add each person to my newsletter contacts each time I send it because I know they have expressed an interest in hearing from me. If I do not believe they are interested in hearing from me, I do not add them.

I add my contacts as a Blind-Carbon-Copy because many have asked not to have their email address shared with people they do not know. I extend this respect to all my contacts. People regularly ask to hear more from me, which makes me very happy. Occasionally people request not to hear from me any more, which makes me very sad.

SPAM filters may remove my emails because I use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) to send one email to many people. Add my personal address to your contacts. I will try to keep it consistent.

I will share news of what is happening within the Ministry. There will also be commentary on current events and inspirational thoughts. Ideas and concepts that unfold from my ongoing study are presented along with comments and replies from readers. Privacy will always be respected, if I have any sense the person may not wish their name mentioned in connection with their comment. Comments which have been made publicly will include the name of the person making them.

The focus and perspective of all messages is on the contents of the books in the series "Preparing for the End of Time" such as "God's Sacred Calendar". In particular, the topics will include current developments in Present Truth, the Third Elijah Message, and the Four Angels' Message.

Revised 2018-03-19