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"IAUA End Time Ministry" presents these Present Truth Message Bible Study Guides to support individual and group Bible Study on topics of the Present Truth Message. These Bible Studies are not evangelistic in nature but are focused for committed Bible students and Seventh-day Adventists seeking to grow in the Present Truth Message through a deeper study, knowledge, and understanding of the Bible.


Bible Study Group Guidelines
WMV MP4 PDF HTML Introduction
WMV MP4 PDF HTML Law vs Love
WMV MP4 PDF HTML Laodicean vs Legalistic
WMV MP4 PDF HTML Conflict Resolution
WMV MP4 PDF HTML In the Beginning God
WMV MP4 PDF HTML Godhead vs Trinity
PDF HTML Four Angels' Message
PDF HTML Loud Cry of the 144K

The material in these study guides is primarily the expanded, revised, and reformatted contents of the book "Preparing for the End of Time".

You may click to view the WMV and MP4 videos in most browsers but you may experience problems with buffering unless you have a very high speed Internet connection. It is usually best to right-click and select "Save target as..." (Windows Internet Explorer) to download these to your own computer. This avoids problems with limited download speed and allows you to view the video as many times as you wish without using your internet connection. You may also share your copy of the video from your computer with others. Your downloaded copy can be viewed even without an internet connection.

The WMV videos are intended for Windows Media Player. These are 3 to 4 times larger than the MP4 versions but are playable in all versions of Windows Media Player.

The MP4 videos are downloadable copies of the YouTube files. These are much smaller than the WMV versions but may not play in all versions of Windows Media Player.

The PDF files were created with book fold and are designed to be printed in landscape format on both sides of a single sheet of paper for easy reference during the Bible Study and a simple handout.

There may be revision differences between the video, PDF, and the HTML file. The HTML is easiest to update so it is updated first and is always the most recent. The video is the most difficult to create so it will not have the latest revisions.

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