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In the preface of the book I make the following statements:
Eliau is the pen name of Frank T. Clark. I use a pen name because this book is not about me. I am not seeking to promote myself. The pen name is a transliteration of the original Hebrew for Elijah. The picture on the back cover is also for very specific purposes, which are not about promoting my face or me.

What are the specific purposes for placing my picture on the back cover of the book? Why do I say I am not promoting my face or me with my picture?

I have made many symbolic visual statements with the cover of the book. The words, colors, logo, and other graphics all have a specific meaning and purpose. My photograph also has many symbolic meanings. The photograph was taken with my wife's $99 camera in our backyard one day after I got home from work. I did not change my clothes or even comb my hair. This is exactly the way I look on any given day.

The first thing you will immediately notice is I wear the tassels as God commanded. (Numbers 15:37-41) They are not long or ornate. (Matthew 23:5)

I did not put on a suit for this picture. I don't wear a suit, even to church. I believe a coat and tie are for the purpose of adornment. (I Timothy 2:9) The dangers of adornment are not limited to women. I don't wear any jewelry, not even a watch.

I don't go to the extreme of wearing a white shirt to prove I am austere or worse black. I consider wearing all black to be symbolic of Satanism. I do wear plain dark pants because they receive the most wear and tear and so they don't show the dirt. God clothes the flowers of the field in color so it is appropriate to clothe myself in bright cheery colors. (Matthew 6:29) Blue is my absolute favorite color. You should find it easy to guess why. (Numbers 15:38)

You will note I do not shave any part of my face or round the corners of the beard (Leviticus 19:27, Leviticus 21:5). I do clip it from time to time to keep it neat and orderly just as I do all the hair on my head. I believe long scraggly hair is unkempt. You will also note I don't color my hair. The way I look is the way God made me.

My regret about the picture is I took it in full sunlight so I was squinting from the bright sun. I also curled the fingers of my right hand when it may have looked more relaxed if they were straight out. It was good enough for practical intents and purposes.

I set the camera to catch the sky because that is where my thoughts are. I was happy to see a few clouds ended up in the picture on the horizon. That is exactly the way God planned it.

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