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These are some of the sources of information I have found helpful. Many other websites are mentioned throughout my website. This means I have found them informative and helpful. It does not mean I agree with everything they say. Every teaching must be compared to scripture. Every individual must study to determine truth for themselves.

Fourth Angel's Message

Generally speaking, the websites in this section promote the understanding and practice of the Law of Moses without excessive attention to Jewish tradition. The primary, though not exclusive, identifier is belief in the practice of the yearly Sabbaths. These websites are almost all developed by current or former Seventh-day Adventists. This is not usually acknowledged, because of hostility by the SDA church to this message.
Independent Assembly of Hebrews

Excellent resource for materials promoting total belief in the entire Bible.
Adventist Biblical Truths

The purpose of this website is to show the Biblical, Christ centered truths of Adventist beliefs. Special attention is given to the great plan of salvation in Christ, whose ministry is illustrated through the sanctuary and issues involving God's people at the end of time. or
Spreading the good news that we are the last generation and that the Saviour is coming very soon!

Excellent downloadable teaching videos! Downloadable books which can also be read online.
Exposing the Skeleton in the SDA Closet of 1888
Unsealing the Mystery of the 1888 General Conference Meetings in Minneapolis
Non-denominational Christian information service promoting moral responsibility.

Stewarton Bible School
Christian Information Service based in the town of Stewarton, Scotland.
Ellen G. White, Adventists and the Festivals of the Lord
A Historical Study on Seventh-day Adventist beliefs.
Where the TRUTH that makes you FREE ... is FREE!
Two online books about the importance and content of the statutes.
Downloadable books Armageddon and the International Sunday Law, God's Holidays and other interesting articles.
Bringing feastgoers together

Three Angels' Message

Generally speaking, the websites in this section promote belief in the soon return of the Messiah, the understanding of the Bible as the only rule of faith, and practice of the Ten Commandments without excessive attention to Catholic tradition. The primary, though not exclusive, identifier is belief in the practice of the weekly Sabbath.

Jim Buller PDFs at God'
Preparing to Stand
Official website of the world Seventh-day Adventist Church.

OFFICIAL Ellen G. White Website
The official website of the White Estate reference for all writings by Ellen White.
3ABN: Christian Television - Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
Programs by Request - Three Angels Broadcasting Network

This website allows you to look up and request 3ABN programs for download and viewing with your computer. Includes transcripts and Closed Caption for some programs.

Time of the End (TOE 01.1/6) YouTube videos
NET2000 Midnight Cry - Kenneth Cox Evangelistic Series on YouTube.

Amazing Facts
Christian Media Ministry

General Resources

Online resources to assist in Bible Study and understanding.

e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge
Downloadable, free, offline Bible resources.

King James Version Bible
The Bible Gateway provides access to many translations of the Bible.

Hebrew/Greek Bible
Blue Letter Bible contains cross references to Strong's Concordance which assists the study of the original Hebrew and Greek word meanings.

Online Hebrew Interlinear Bible

This is an excellent Hebrew resource, which I use heavily. They also provide a Greek resource, which I have not studied as much. It includes an interlinear transliteration and literal translation. While it shows the Hebrew with vowel points, it uses a transliteration with vowels similar to the IAUA transliteration. They deny it is phonetic but I believe it is very close. Unfortunately, they switch the E and A transliteration letters.

Table of Gospel Parallels
Cross-reference to similar Gospel passages.

Great Controversy
Read the Great Controversy online.

Daniel and the Revelation
A reference book of prophecy by Uriah Smith.

USNO Astronomical Applications
Dates and times for the solar seasons, sunrise, sunset, and the phases of the moon. This data is used for determination of Gregorian dates which correspond to God's Sacred Calendar.

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