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Dear Brothers and Sisters in IAUA (ee-ah-oo-ah) our Father,

Greetings on this day of preparation for the weekly Sabbath. I pray this newsletter finds you in good health and happy in the service of IAUA. This is day 1 of month 4 of the Biblical Calendar in the estimated year 6022 Anno Mundi.

The Fall Sabbaths begin with Trumpets in twelve weeks and four days, day 1 of month 7 (Tuesday, September 11 of the 2018, Gregorian Calendar, at sunset Monday, September 10).

On God's Calendar the Biblical month begins on the global day after lunar conjunction. The Biblical year begins with God's New Year's Day (Passover) after the spring equinox (Spring Passover Rule). The Millerite Calendar (Spring New Moon Rule) is a month late in the Gregorian 2018 year. The Calculated Rabbinical Calendar will be two days early in spring and one day early in fall.

After 14 years of writing blogs, I have often faced a quandary. Many times thoughts come to me in the course of daily life that I ponder with the idea that this would make a good blog topic. However, a quick review of past blogs leads me to realize that I have covered this topic quite well already.

I have always chosen not to repeat myself. Some topics are only closely related to past blogs so I write them from a different perspective. However, I have also pondered the value of reviewing a blog topic that is many years old. Repetition is a valuable method to keep the mind and life focused.

I have pondered the value of literally repeating a past blog but decided against it. However, I feel compelled to mention some past blogs that are current concerns of mine.

There was a brief discussion in Sabbath School about the importance of turning the control of our lives over to God. I was appalled at hearing this dangerous common theme repeated. There were so many eager to be heard that I let the thought go by unchallenged. I will encourage you to review the 2013-11-08 blog titled "Control and Guidance".

I have been saddened recently by the lives crushed from the tragedy of falling victim to the devastating results of emotional decisions. I will encourage you to review the 2010-03-05 blog titled "Intellect Led Emotion".

All past blogs can be found on the website:


When a topic is not easily found by searching the blog titles you can search by keywords at:


A question I have often pondered in relation to the last blog. Why not? Why did the Holy Spirit let the subject of the Law of Moses be introduced and then left in the shadows for the Seventh-day Adventist denomination until a later time? I have concluded that the subject needed to be made clear for the deep student but was too much for the general denomination.

Ellen herself was left in confusion and speculated that it was not time. The growing denomination was dealing with so many issues that keeping it in the forefront would have torn them apart. The issue will come and it will tear ("the shaking") the denomination apart. Even our Savior told His disciples they were not ready for some things but the time will come.

John 16:12-13 I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak His own words but He will speak the words he hears from the Father. He will show you things to come.

After studying the Law of Moses carefully, I clearly recognize there are very difficult things to understand. I believe the most difficult is the Biblical Calendar. I spent years of diligent study before I felt a reasonable sense that I understood the issues and solutions.

How could the early denomination handle all the confusion of different ideas and conflicting opinions about the rules for determining the Biblical Calendar? This is a particular problem because the Millerites made an error in calendar determination.

Those who rest contented with standard Adventist doctrine, which simply ignores the subject of the Biblical Calendar, need to consider the words to the Laodicean church and these words of our Savior.

Luke 12:47-48 The servant that knew his Lord's will (or had the opportunity) but did not prepare himself and did not do according to His will, will be greatly punished. However, he that did not know (and did not have the opportunity) but did commit things worthy of punishment will receive less punishment. Because, to whom much is given, of him will much be required. Those to whom men have committed much, of them they will ask much more.

We are warned that we must seek Him (His truth) diligently with all our heart, mind, and soul. I have been shocked to discover the great effort needed to deeply understand the Biblical Calendar. I suspect only the work of the Third Elijah prophet will bring unity on this subject. First, for the 144k and then for the rest of those to be sealed. Then the end will come. Some will be prepared. Remember the parable of the ten virgins? Some will delay until it is too late.

Are you prepared and ready for all truth?

I pray we may all continue to seek love, peace, and unity in truth preparing for the soon coming of IAUShUO (ee-ah-oo-shoo-oh) Messiah, the Son of God.

Frank T. Clark

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